I've had hair every color under the sun.


Blonde, Red, Orange-Orange, Blue, Pink, Green (looked moldy), Brown, and most recently -- black. I like to blame it on my artistic eccentricity. Oh, I even shaved it off once (interesting secret tidbit: I have a pink birthmark on the back of my head and going down my neck which is neat.)

I dyed it black a couple months ago on a whim which was a pretty brash move I realized later because as my blonde hair grew out...it had the effect of making me look like I was balding. (not cool, you say).

So I took matters into my own hands, yet again, and hacked it off. So for the curious, that's the short version of how I went from dark and sultry to small boy

I think I have mad hair cutting skilz


Heidi said...

I didn't see anything on those links :(

Liz said...

hrmm. so i see...yea. gotta fix that.

Jamie (girl) =) said...

Post a pic ... please??
(wink, wink)