Meet the Mom

today, as i lay lazily on my pillow in the middle of yet another, highly coveted mid-afternoon nap.
i hit upon a most unpleasent realization which sends me reeling. this is my discovery...bare with me.
just imagine for a moment that this blog, as it were, were my baby. and i, yes i...were it's mother. that would make me a negligent mother at best. people go to prison for that.
and i would never want it to be said that i, yes i...were anything but a doting, if somewhat eccentric mother.
and so in the midst of this stunning realization coupled with a slight twinge of regret for my former lack of concern. i have desided to become the best blog mom in the world.
i'll remember it's every birthday,
visit it not just on weekends
comment on it's accomplishments,
brag about it to all my friends
it shall be my pride and joy.
i bid fairwell to carefree days of youth and irresponciblity....welcome to parenthood.

1 comment:

Liz said...

ha! mom indeed. you're more the dead-beat dad who needs to start paying child support;)