Leap Froggin'

I was going through my old pictures today and happened upon these swell snapshots.
The story behind it is something like this:
About a year and half ago, me and my sister made a trek down to Georgia where we stayed on a true blue farm for a couple days.
I shot my first gun (knocked a beer can off a hay barrel -*spits*), went fishing for the first time in my life (i wasn't very successful), went on 2-hour horse back rides (humming the theme song from "Man from Snowy River" the ENTIRE time while imagining myself something of a wily ranger) -- and last but not least, playing leap frog.
Yup, certainly.
I'm a little hazy on how this particular game came about or why -- I'm pretty sure it had something to do with beer and an exuberant zest for life -- but whatEVER it was, I'm highly recommending it for your next friendly gathering of nearests and dearests..or heck! don't be exclusive, share the love with strangers on the street by leaping over their unsuspecing bare heads, include Them in your Fun, it might just give them that certain spring to their step. Sweet, huh?

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anita said...

score...i remember these...but i think you left out the fasinating history behind them. it's one of those memorizes you recall to impress your grandkids with...