Insane Dreamers

"i live in a world of madness, where i alone am sane"
i have at last discovered what Cervantes meant when he wrote those words.
no wonder he fought windmills and imagined himself a knight. as i have learned from painful experience, the insanity of others has the power to push even a mentally sound person over the edge.
take for instince my roommate...a likeable young girl who's one peculiarity is that she believes her self to be a cow...that's right one of those black and white spotted creatures that produces milk.
or my kid brother...who dreams of someday becoming a ninja who will rule the world and all it's inhabitants. (starting with me i'll wager)
a next door neighbor who believes alians from the planet kryption could abduct him at any moment and so never leaves his bedroom except to bike to the library to check out the lastest version of "Kryption for dummies"
where do they come up with this stuff?
in all this i have begun to question my own sanity. perhaps i am the manic and they the genius.
maybe it is all a matter of what angle your viewing it from.
they say Edison was a idiot. called Ben Franklin a old fool. Columbus was grossly ridiculed for his "heretical" ideas. and all because they had vision to see beyond the confines of reason. and that's who history remembers. perhaps that is the ultimate reality.
next thing you know i may be the one jumping off a roof to learn how to fly, or scaling skyscrapers in my quest to be the next spiderwoman. the possiblitys are endless.

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