yes, my friend. As we speak/type I have a dozensome bottles of homemade ale sitting in a darkened closet just merrily fermenting away in anticipation of Super Bowl tomorrow. We've started a micro-brewery and so far this is our second batch. It really is quite an art. From sanitizing, boiling, adding, experimenting, TASTING....it's enough to make you thirsty.

Technically, you're supposed to use malt in your beer-making but coincidentally we had just acquired about 25 jars of sorghum (uh, kinda like molasses...but grosser) and in tasting the malt realized that the flavors were similar and so decided to experiment. So yea, I suppose it's really kind of a molasses beer..heh, heh.
Who cares it's beer!

"May you have the health of a salmon
A strong heart, and a wet mouth."


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